Mixedpotato is a one woman freelancer media production!

I deliver video, animation and sound design work in all kind of genre.

What do you need?

  • A small video presentation to show on the internett.
  • A music video to put on youtube
  • A karaoke track or music video, for a special occasion.
  • A WordPress website.
  • Image editing.

These are just a few examples of work that I do, contact me with the information found at the top of this page, and we will put together a package of your specific needs.

Software and equipment I use:

Premiere, AfterEffects / Character Animator/ Cinema 4D lite/ 3D Elements/ Duik rigging tool/ Trapcode suite / 3D elements/  Tracking i Mocha AE.

Audition, Cubase,

Photoshop/Camera Raw, Illustrator, Indesign, Fuse

I also have Nuke, 3d Max and Maya experience, but I don´t own software licence for production at home.

WordPress edit code in Dreamweaver.

Video and Photo: Panasonic Lumix DMC Gx7

Second & theared camera on live concert: Gopro 5 & 4

Sound live: Zoom H6 ( 6 chanels, can dump mix on set)

Recording: Motu 1248 sound card, Roland R-09HR recorder , Røda Condenser microphone for voice + some others.

 Recent work,

October 2017

Motion Graphic, working with making a 2D Illustrator drawing into a 3D content in Element 3D for After Effects and using trapcode particular. Music done in Cubase 9 with an inspiration of thinking on my mixed media skills.

April 2017

Motion Graphic Bachelor assignment, production time 4 weeks.

Graphic, composing, animation and sound designe Sara Andersson

April 2017

Adobe had a competition in mars of 2017, to make the cut of this song. I received some footage that i cold Post together in the way i thought the video could look. We could just use the clips they gave us + effects that i have my self.
Sound sync and postproduction made in Premiere.



Mars  2017

This is a walk throe my  Interactive Motion Design Bachelor assignment that is a sort of parenting interactive game prototype. Animations done in After Effects/ Character Animator. The interaction part is done in “Game Salad”. I did the Character design and som of the objects. The rest of graphics is downloaded from “Freepik.com”. Assignment time was 6 weeks of school production.

Jan 2017

nov 2016

Music Videos


Open Title Sequnce

Company Films

Sound design and Music productions

Sound design to animation and visual images


Engla & Banditta

Engla og Banditta is my own band, in which I am the lead electric guitar player and one of the singers, we mostly play at festivals, events and clubs.

I am in charge of all media promotion we use, I have done all videos, images and the website which is done in WordPress.

Chek out www.englaogbanditta.com



Images for Pranaveda.se